Facebook it’s that social media website we are all a part of that thing we are constantly updating, cheacking and macking sure we here the news as it is posted. Yep that’s facebook in nut shell.

We all know it has tacken the world buy storm and everyone from the average teenager to your grandparents have it. It’s a way we conncet with freands and family all over the world. It’s the way we let people know news from around the world . It’s something we use to let people know about good and bad news and things.  It’s Facebook and it has become a part of our every day life like it or not it has. I personally though love but hate facebook I love it as I can keep in touch with my family and freands all over the world but I hate it as it is the frist thing I think about when I wack up in the morning and the last thing I see when I go to bed at night.  It sounds crazy but I am not the only person in the world like that I know that many people are esaxly the same. We have to know whats going on in every ones life all of the time it sound crazy but that’s who we are as hummus its a part of our physical being and thats also what Facebook has done to us it is so available to us from our phones to our computer’s it is every were. For us to be able to see what is going on in each others lives.

Now with that said, I teand to wounder what in this day and age we would do with out Facebook what could we be doing in stead of being on facebook when on a train or just before we go to bed. It’s simply we could be reading a book or newspaper gaining knowledge that will actually matter in the future, look out the window learn to apreashat our environment around us see the natural healthy things in life. Interact with the people around us meet a knew person on the train have a coversation with a family member. Do things that mack us think and become a part of society.

This is only  what I think and feel I am not saying stop being apart of the Facebook world I am just say that we as a community could be a hole lot happier if we limited the use of Facebook.



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